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by Andy Warhol

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Untitled (Self-Portrait)

Ink on xerographic paper (silver gelatin print)
Origin / Date
NY, 1969
8 x 11 1/2 in.
Self-published, 1969. Unique image produced by Andy Warhol on one of the first coin-operated photostat machines in the School of Visual Arts Art Supply Store, (New York). An early example of this art form that became more prolific with the xerox machine in the 1970's. (Basquiat used a number of xerox images in his paintings). This image depicts Warhol with his face pressed against the glass of the machine and his hand showing, an almost ghost-like apparition of Warhol that forsees his long sequence of paintings about death, fame and mortality that he began making in the late 1970s. Warhol was a great lover of technology and was an early user of the Amiga. He appeared at the launch where he made a computer artwork of Debbie Harry. Warhol used the Amiga to create a new style of art made with computers, and was the author of a multimedia opera called "you are the one" which consists of an animated sequence featuring images of actress Marilyn Monroe assembled in a short movie with a soundtrack (that video was discovered on two old Amiga floppies in a drawer in Warhol's studio and repaired in 2006 by the Detroit Museum of New Art). The pop artist has been quoted as saying: "The thing I like most about doing this kind of work on the Amiga is that it looks like my work in other media". This early work is not merely a portrait of Warhol the man but also an early insight into Warhol the icon and phenomenon. Warhol’s self-portraits are among the most iconic, moving and ultimately profound works of his entire career, and indeed amongst his most highly prized. This is the earliest known work in that genre (and authenticated/stamped by the AWAB, with accompanying letter). It is signed by Warhol (recto) and dedicated to 'Don', the owner of the School of Visual Arts Art Supply Store) and additionally dated, in blue pen.
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