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by Keith Haring

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Untitled (Crawling Radiant Baby)

Green & yellow fluorescent paint on carved wood
Origin / Date
7 x 11.75 x 2.25 inches
7 x 11.75 x 2.25 inches
Perhaps the most recognizable icon in Keith Haring’s lexicon of straightforward symbols and characters, the crawling radiant baby is fully realized in this unique wood carving with vivid green and yellow dayglo paint. Completed in 1983, this representation of the crawling baby demonstrates the early depictions of the figure, whose form is more adult than the plumper infants seen later in Haring’s work. Crawling on all fours and radiating energy, which is expressed through the emanating lines, Haring’s man-child evokes ideas about youth and draws comparisons to adulthood, thus exposing deeper reflections on the cycle and value of life. The work is incised, verso, 'K. Haring 83'. In 1984, Haring gifted this work to fellow artist and longtime friend, Dan Friedman (1945-1995), dedicating it on the reverse in black marker pen, "For Dan - Love, Keith 1984". This work was authenticated and is accompanied by a COA from Tony Shafrazi, prior to the establishment of the Haring Authentication Board.
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